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Thefts of Collections

Published 21 Oct. 2014

Books stolen from the Cappuccini Library in Florence (Italy)

A number of books has been stolen from the Cappuccini Library in Florence (Italy), among them are rare incunabula and 16th century printed books. The attached list contains book descriptions as well as pictures of the library stamps and other provenances.

If you come across of one or more of the items listed in the pdf file, please contact Fabrizio Govi, President of ALAI, or Susanna Vannocci.

Published 02 Sept. 2014

De Caro and the Girolamini Thefts - List of the books which had been confiscated or withdrawn from auction No 59 at Zisska & Schauer (Munich) in May 2012


Dear Fellow-Presidents,
Following our strategy to bringing as much light as possible in the Girolamini thefts, the Committee had asked the Munich based auction house Zisska & Lacher (formerly Zisska & Schauer) to provide us with a list of the books which had been confiscated or withdrawn from their auction No 59 in May of 2012 (the books from the Girolamini library). The auction house had agreed to sending us such a list, but, unfortunately, they could provide us only with a hard paper copy. The reason for this is that the PC of the then responsible manager – Herbert Schauer – had been confiscated by the Bavarian Police as well, and no other electronic copy of this list was available.

We have, however, managed to create a SEARCHABLE pdf-document after we had scanned some 80 pages we had received from the auction house. The list starts with the few books which were confiscated by the authorities before the auction had started. The next part of the list – some 50 to 60 items – had not been included to auction 59 out of unknown reasons. The last and most extensive part of the document covers all the withdrawn items of auction 59.

Zisska & Lacher have provided us also with a huge file of illustrations of the first 450 lots of auction 59. It is simply impossible to pick out the illustrations of the withdrawn items from this file, and add these to the catalogue descriptions. This would cost a lot of time, energy, and money. The Committee will, however, not hesitate to forward this file of images to anybody who might be interested in receiving it.

The Committee believes it to be important that with providing our affiliates with this pdf-document unforeseeable difficulties like the ones our member Christian Westergaard had to face, can be avoided. If any of our affiliates has another copy of one the books which were withdrawn by Zisska & Schauer in 2012 in his/her stock, he/she should immediately add relevant information – when had this copy been purchased, who was the seller, etc. – to this item.

We would be extremely glad if you, dear Fellow-Presidents, would forward this message to your members.
On behalf of the Committee I would like to express my sincere thanks in advance!
Kind regards,
Norbert Donhofer – President of ILAB (on behalf of the ILAB Committee) – September 2014

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Published 11 Aug. 2014

Books and Sketches Stolen from the Biblioteca del Seminario vescovile di Pontremoli and the Archivio storico della cattedrale di Massa


Hundreds of books – incunables and early printings – and historical sketches have been announced missing from the Biblioteca del Seminario vescovile di Pontremoli and the Archivio storico della cattedrale di Massa. The attached list contains pictures of the library stamps and ex-libris as well as book descriptions.

If you come across of one or more of the items listed in the pdf file below, please contact Fabrizio Govi, President of ALAI, or Susanna Vannocci.

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Published 29 May 2014

List of Books Stolen from the Castle of Datschitz (Moravia, Czech Republic)

The following books were stolen from the Castle of Datschitz, Moravia (Czech Republic) in the year 2007. It might be possible that the books show up or have already shown up in the trade.

For any further information please contact the ILAB Security Chair.

Click below to download the pdf file.

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Published 29 May 2014

List of Books Missing from the Teleki-Bolyai Library (Romania)

The following list of books missing from the Biblioteca Teleki-Bolyai in Mures (Romania) is posted on behalf of Adam Bosze, President of the Hungarian Antiquarian Booksellers' Association (MAE).

For more detailed information please contact Adam Bosze or the Teleki-Bolyai Library.  

Click below to download the pdf file.

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Published 29 May 2014

Three Volumes Stolen from the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

On Thursday, June 7, 2012, staff at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) discovered that a 16th century printed book was missing from the work carrel of one of its catalogers. HMML staff conducted a thorough search of both HMML and Alcuin Library to ensure that the item had not been misplaced.  The staff immediately reviewed a list of rare materials that had been used that week in presentations during a workshop being held at the library.  It was discovered that two manuscript items from the Arca Artium collection were also missing, one of which had been used on Wednesday afternoon (June 6).  It is believed that all three volumes were stolen.  The manuscripts had already been photographed digitally and can be viewed in Vivarium, the online image service from the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (  Officers from Life Safety Services at Saint John’s University and from the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office began an investigative process that involved interviewing staff and library visitors.  New security precautions have since been put into place.  

The missing books are:

Item 1:  Two printed works in Latin, together in one volume.  These are bound in blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards, with raised bands and two clasps. The volume measures approximately 16-17 cm X 10 cm X 4-5 cm.  
The two titles are:

·    Desiderius Erasmus.  D. Erasmi Roterodami, De copia verborum ac rerum commentarij duo …  (Haganeae: Ex officina Seceriana, 1532).

·    Adriano Castellesi. Hadrianus TT. S. Chrysogoni, S.R.E. Presby. Card. Batouien. De sermone Latino, & modis Latine loquendi …  (Basileae: in aedibus Thomae Vollffij, 1533).

Item 2:  Manuscript: “Señorio de Galisteo y sus 9 Aldeas. Sus pertenencias.”  (the caption at the top of the cover).  This is written on 30 unnumbered parchment leaves (i.e. 60 pages), of which the final two are blank (that is, [28 + 2] ff.).  The size is 29.2 x 22.2 cm. (ca. 11 ½“ by 9“), and about 1 cm (½ “) thick. It is bound in a light brown, soft parchment cover.  Online pictures at:,19967

Item 3:  Manuscript: Index codicum, authorum, et tractatuum in codicibus contentorum bibliothecae Alcobacensis (Alcobaça, ca. 1775?). This 18th century Latin manuscript contains brief descriptions for the manuscripts owned by the abbey of Alcobaça in Portugal.  It is written on 98 paper leaves (i.e., 196 pages), of which the final six (ff. 93-98) are blank].  It’s size is 33.2 cm. x 21.5 cm. x 2.5 cm (or 13.5” x ca. 8.5“ x 1”).  Online pictures at:

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library would appreciate any help in recovering these items.  If you have information or questions concerning this incident or these items, please contact:

Matthew Z. Heintzelman (
Phone: 320-363-2795 (front office: 320-363-3514)
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
P.O. Box 7300
Saint John’s University,
Collegeville, MN 56321-7300

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Published 28 May 2014

Book Thefts from the Girolamini Library - Press Articles 2012/2013

In April 2012 it was announced that 1500 books were missing from one of the richest and oldest libraries in Italy: the Girolamini Library in Naples. Shortly afterwards the library’s director Marino Massimo de Caro was suspended, then arrested and accused of embezzlement along with four accomplices from Argentina and Ukraine. A number of stolen items from the library were confiscated in Munich, London, New York and Tokyo, but most of the books are still missing. It is not even known right now how many books were actually stolen.

Nearly every day, more and more news and background information become public. The book theft in the Girolamini Library turns out to be one of the most spectacular ever.  

Press release, published on behalf of the Munich auction house ZISSKA & SCHAUER (August 2013)

Statement issued by the Munich auction house ZISSKA & SCHAUER dated 10 August 2013 addressed to the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, for immediate release, requesting distribution to its members

To whom it may concern

For reasons that will become apparent, and for clarification, we are issuing the following statement:

In the run-up to Auction 59 (9-11 May 2012), we were offered – through an intermediary – a valuable consignment of over four hundred books in private ownership in Italy. After careful scrutiny of the owners’ official credentials and the books themselves we said we were ready to accept the consignment.

On the evening before the auction (8 May 2012) we were informed by the Bavarian Landeskriminalamt that a number of books listed in Catalogue 59 would be confiscated on the grounds that ownership thereof was in question. As four of the books to be confiscated were from the private consignment mentioned above, to be on the safe side ZISSKA & SCHAUER decided to withdraw the whole consignment from the auction, particularly as information and rumours were spreading that there had been losses of books from the Girolamini Library in Naples. This suggested to us that there might be a connection with the consignment we had received from Italy.

The Italian authorities have been investigating the Director of the Girolamini Library and a large number of other persons accused. Among those accused is the intermediary who offered the consignment – allegedly in private ownership – to ZISSKA & SCHAUER. However, all the books in the consignment are still in Munich as no conclusive evidence has emerged to date that any of the books we received were in fact stolen from the Girolamini Library.

Quite extraordinarily, early on 2 August 2013 our Executive Director, Mr. Herbert Schauer, was taken from his apartment and arrested by the Munich criminal justice authorities. The Italian authorities had issued a European arrest warrant on the basis of self-exculpatory submissions made by a number of the accused in the Girolamini trials and had forwarded the warrant to the Bavarian authorities.

We are deeply shocked. All those who have worked with Mr. Schauer day in, day out over many years know that the accusations raised against him are preposterous, absurd and totally groundless. The auction house has immediately engaged the services of Dieter Löhr, lawyer and legal adviser to the Bundesverband Deutscher Kunstversteigerer (BDK), as legal counsel.

To ensure that preparations for Auction 62 (scheduled for 6 November 2013) are unaffected, it is essential to keep Mr. Schauer’s position occupied until he can return. Mr. Wolfgang Lacher, his business associate, will assume the role of managing director with immediate effect.

We would ask you, at this difficult juncture, for your continuing support. Rest assured that you can have every confidence in the new interim management.

ZISSKA, SCHAUER & CO. KG (Buch- und Kunstauktionshaus, Unterer Anger 15, 80331 Munich, Germany)

Snippets from some of the most interesting press articles and YouTube clips:

Reflections on Girolamini: Libraries, funding and the people we trust

“Finally, just last week, some resolution was brought to the developing crisis in Naples around one of the region’s oldest libraries, the Biblioteca dei Girolamini. This library, built alongside the Church and Convent of the Girolamini of Gerolamini in the late 16th century serviced the Oratory of the convent, but was also open to the public from its very beginnings. It is one of the richest libraries in the south of Italy, and one of the oldest in Naples and a particular example of the public library in pre-Unification Italy. The library expanded in the following centuries to a collection of almost 160,000 books which range in subjects from theology and church history to contemporary literature, archaeology, numismatics, music and local history, all dating from the 15th-19th century. Since the late 19th century the library has been administered by the local Cultural Ministry (Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali) and the Oratory.

So why should a blogger working for a Scottish University be concerned about this southern Italian gem? Well, to be honest, I hadn’t heard of the Girolamini library until April, when my attention was caught by a petition started by Italian academics which asked why the current librarian, Massimo Marino De Caro (a man with no professional qualifications and a dubious background), and his staff had been appointed to take care of this beautiful and important library. This came on the heels of De Caro’s announcement earlier in April that over 1,500 books were missing from the library, after which the shady background of De Caro began to unfold. This petition was signed by over 2,000 Italian and international academics and librarians (including this blogger). Three days later, the library was closed by the Naples Public Prosecutor and De Caro had been suspended and placed under inspection for embezzlement.  Following these events,evidence came to light that De Caro had been recorded on surveillance tapes removing boxes of books from the library, and that at least three volumes with the Girolamini stamp had been found in his Verona home.  On Friday, 18 May 2012, 1,000 books were found in a storage facility in Verona connected to De Caro, 250 of which had the Girolamini stamp on them, along with records of other which had been sold to foreign buyers. Last week,  De Caro and five other individuals were formally arrested for suspicion of theft and embezzlement.”

>>> Read the full article by Daryl Green in Echoes from the Vault

Police arrest head of Naples' oldest library for book theft

“ROME -- Italian police on Thursday arrested the director and the curator of the oldest library in Naples for stealing hundreds of books and manuscripts from their own collection. "The Girolamini Library has been the victim of a criminal plot," said Naples public prosecutor Giovanni Mellilo. The library's director, Massimo Marino De Caro, and its curator, Sandro Marsano, have been stealing books from the collection "over a long period of time", Mellilo said. Four others accused of involvement in the theft, three Argentinians and a Ukrainian, were also arrested.”

>>> May 24, 2012: The Herald Sun 

Biblioteca Girolamini, gli inquirenti:"Gente che agiva come struttura parallela"

>>> Video of the press conference held on May 24, 2012

Napoli, furto di libri antichi sequestrata la biblioteca Girolamini

>>> April 19, 2012 (Il Fatto Quotidiana): Interviews after the book thefts were discovered

Girolamini Library’s Disappearing Books

“It all started a couple of weeks ago. Florence-born Tomaso Montanari, who teaches history of modern art at Naples’ Federico II university and wrote a book called A che serve Michelangelo? [What’s the Point of Michelangelo?] advancing serious doubts on the attribution to the Renaissance genius of a crucifix purchased by the Berlusconi government for more than €3 million, wrote a piece for Il Fatto newspaper. Montanari said he had visited the Girolamini library, which holds over 150,000 ancient manuscripts and books, and found an appalling dust-layered mess with invaluable tomes lying on the floor and empty Coca-Cola cans on the ancient reading desks. Professor Montanari wrote: “The library is closed today because it has to be reorganised, says Fr Sandro Marsano, the enthusiastic, exquisitely polite Oratorian priest who welcomes visitors to the stupendous 17th-century complex. No, it’s closed because of the strange goings-on, say people who live nearby and mutter about heavily laden vehicles leaving the library courtyards late at night”.

>>> April 17, 2012: Read the full article in Corriere della Sera 

Leiter von Neapels ältester Bibliothek wegen Buchklaus festgenommen

Die Polizei hat den Direktor und den Konservator der ältesten Bibliothek Neapels wegen des Diebstahls hunderter Bücher und Manuskripte aus ihrer eigenen Einrichtung festgenommen. Staatsanwalt Giovanni Mellilo teilte am Donnerstag mit, Bibliotheksleiter Massimo Marino De Caro und Konservator Sandro Marsano hätten "über einen langen Zeitraum" gestohlen. Die Girolamini-Bibliothek sei das "Opfer eines kriminellen Projekts" geworden. Vier weitere Verdächtige wurden ebenfalls festgenommen.

>>> May 24, 2012: Die WELT 

Undici libri «sospetti» della Curia genovese a casa di don Marsano

“Tre depositi di libri antichi. E' questo l'ultimo riscontro delle indagini della Procura di Napoli nell'ambito dell'inchiesta sui furti di volumi antichi alla biblioteca dei Girolamini. I tre depositi sono stati scoperti in provincia di Verona dove già nei giorni scorsi gli inquirenti avevano trovato prove del furto dei testi dalle stanze della biblioteca.”

>>> May 28, 2012: A summary of the events in Corriere del Mezzogiorno

Napoli, traffico di libri antichi ai “Girolamini”: cinque arresti

“Tra loro c'è il contestatissimo direttore della struttura, Marino Massimo De Caro, per ottenere la rimozione del quale migliaia di intellettuali avevano firmato una petizione. In carcere sono finiti anche tre suoi collaboratori stranieri e un ricettatore veronese, Mirko Camuri, insegnante di ballo coinvolto in numerosi compravendite sospette di libri antichi. Numerose le perquisizioni disposte dal procuratore aggiuntoGiovanni Melillo e dai sostituti Michele Fini e Antonella Serio; tra i destinatari dei decreti figurano anche don Sandro Marsano, conservatore della biblioteca, e Maria Grazia Cerone, collaboratrice del senatore del Pdl Marcello Dell'Utri; sia Marsano sia Cerone sono indagati.”

>>> May 24, 2012: Eolo Press about the Marino Massimo de Caro and his accomplices

Girolamini, due nuovi arresti - Altre accuse all'ex direttore

“Nuova misura cautelare e nuovi indagati nell'inchiesta sulla gestione della Biblioteca dei Girolamini di Napoli, dalla quale sono stati trafugati migliaia di libri antichi. Un nuovo provvedimento restrittivo è stato notificato al direttore della struttura, Marino Massimo De Caro, a Mirko Camuri, Eloy Alejandro Cabello e Viktoriya Pavlonskiy, già arrestati nelle scorse settimane con l'accusa di peculato: a tutti viene ora contestato il reato di associazione per delinquere e, dopo un più accurato conteggio dei volumi ritrovati e sequestrati, il peculato per 2.200 libri, cui potrebbero aggiungersi alcune altre centinaia di testi sotto sequestro presso una casa d'aste in Germania.”
>>> On June 9, Corriere del Mezzogiorno reports that two more suspects were arrested and that even more books were stolen. It could be more than 2.200 books. The suspects are now accused of embezzlement and conspiracy.

Girolamini, il gip: il nome di Dell'Utri bloccò il sequestro

“Nell'ambito dell'inchiesta sulla gestione della biblioteca dei Girolamini, la Procura di Napoli intendeva perquisire un appartamento di via Crispi a Roma le cui utenze telefoniche risultano intestate a Marino Massimo De Caro, direttore della biblioteca ritenuto il promotore dell' assoziazione a delinquere finalizzata all'acquisizione dei libri. … Secondo il gip, dunque, nelle stanze usate da De Caro i carabinieri trovavano molte scatole piene di libri provenienti dalla biblioteca dei Girolamini.”

>>> On June 13, 2012, La Republicca Napoli reports that the police searched an apartment in Rome the other day. There they found several boxes with book from the Bibliotheca Girolamini.

Biblioteca Girolamini svuotata, il giudice: «Organizzazione criminale, De Caro capo»

“I libri antichi custoditi nella biblioteca dei Girolamini «venivano trasferiti da Napoli a Verona per essere poi spostati in altre regioni d’Italia e all’estero» da una «vera e propria organizzazione criminale che ha in Marino Massimo De Caro il capo e promotore»: lo scrive il gip Francesca Ferri nell’ordinanza di custodia cautelare notificata sabato scorso al direttore della storica biblioteca, accusato ora non solo di peculato ma anche di associazione per delinquere.”

>>> On June 6, 2012, L’Arena characterizes De Caro as the head of an international organization and says that the theft from the Girolamini Library is part of an organized "looting".

[...] Read more
Published 28 May 2014

The Girolamini Thefts in the Press: August 2013 to January 2014

August 2013

Le nouvel observateur (July 12, 2013)

« La Divine Comédie» a disparu... (French)

ActuaLitté. Les univers u livre (August 12, 2013)

Démantèlement d'un trafic de livres rares à la bibliothèque Girolamini de Naples

Börsenblatt Online (August 13, 2013)

"Vorwürfe ungeheuerlich, absurd und völlig haltlos" (German)

Süddeutsche Zeitung (August 22, 2013)

Münchner Antiquar unter Hehlereiverdacht (German) (no longer online)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (August 23, 2013)

Unter Verdacht – Ermittlungen gegen Auktionator (German)

La Gazetta di Mezzogiorno  (August 27, 2013)

German auction house owner nabbed in Girolamini library case (English)

Gazetta del  Sud (August 27, 2013)

German auction house owner nabbed in Girolamini library case (English)

The Telegraph (August 28, 2013)

Head of German auction house arrested over theft of Italian antique books (English)

The Local (August 28, 2013)

Outcry over arrest of German 'book thief' (English)

American Hard Assets (August 28, 2013)

Director of German Auction House Arrested for Stealing Italian Antique Books (English)

Information Today (August 28, 2013)

German auctioneer arrested as 'book thief' (English)

Il Fatto Terza Pagina (August 28, 2013)

Saccheggio dei Girolamini, nessuno è intoccabile (Italian)

Sheppard's Confidential  (August 30, 2013)

International: Girolamini library in Naples - auction house director arrested (English, no web link)

September 2013

The Art Newspaper (September 2, 2013)

Munich auctioneer arrested over historic library thefts in Naples. By Julia Michalska (English) 

Verband Deutscher Antiquare e.V. (September 9, 2013)

"Vorwürfe ungeheuerlich, absurd und völlig haltlos" - Pressestimmen zur Verhaftung von Herbert Schauer (German, English, Italian)[tt_news]=96

October 2013

Plume. Le magazine du patrimonie écrit (October 2013)

Le pillage de la Girolamini (French)

The Art Newspaper (October 21, 2013)

Italy’s culture ministry takes over management of plundered Girolamini church. By Tina Lepri and Ermanno Rivetti (English)

L'Espresso (October 25, 2013)

007 a caccia dei libri rubati. Si cercano da Londra a New York e in Argentina le migliaia di opere saccheggiate alla Biblioteca dei Girolamini da una banda. Guidata da un protetto di Dell’Utri. By Claudio Pappaianni and Luca Piana (Italian)

November 2013

L’Espresso (November 6, 2013)

Estradato in Italia il libraio dei Girolamini. Herbert Schauer, titolare di una nota libreria antiquaria di Monaco, è stato portato nel carcere di Rebibbia. E' accusato di aver messo all'asta 543 volumi rubati nella biblioteca napoletana (Italian)

The New York Times (November 29, 2013)

Rare Books Vanish, With a Librarian in the Plot. Unraveling Huge Thefts From Girolamini Library in Naples. By Rachel Donadio (English)

NewsDiffs (November 30, 2013)

Corrections to: Rare Books Vanish, With a Librarian in the Plot. Unraveling Huge Thefts From Girolamini Library in Naples (English)

Context (November 30, 2013)

By the book (English)

LIS News (November 30, 2013)

Huge Thefts from Girolamini Library with a Librarian in the Plot (English)

CUA CHIM (November 30, 2013)

Theft of Centuries - Old Texts from the Girolamini Library. By Joseph Koivisto (English)

December 2013

Off the Shelf (December 3, 2013)

The Book Thief, Italian Style (English)

Tele Read (December 3, 2013)

Rare Books? See Naples and Die. Whoops! By Paul St. John Mackintosh (English)

The Indian Express (December 7, 2013)

A forger, thief, library director (English)

The Sunday Times (December 8, 2013)

Tome raider brought to book. By John Follain (English)   

All Things About Albrecht Durer (December 8, 2013)

The Apoclaypse has started - Who's watching the book dealers? No one! And the Germans are involved too! (English)

Examiner (December 9, 2013)

Nick Schmidle Interviews Book Thief, Forger M.M. De Caro for The New Yorker (English)

Cand.Com (December 12, 2013)

Một cựu Giám đốc Thư viện đánh cắp hàng ngàn cổ thư (Vietnamese)

Le Devoir. Libre de penser (December 14, 2013)

Bibliothèques - Le club des voleurs de livres napolitain. By Stéphane Baillargeon (French)

The E-Sylum (December 15, 2013)

Girolamini Library Book Thefts (English)

The New Yorker (December 16, 2013)

A Very Rare Book. The mystery surrounding a copy of Galileo’s pivotal treatise. By Nicholas Schmidle (English)

Zauber der Sterne (December 18, 2013)

“Sidereus Nuncius” und der größte Fälschungsskandal seit 200 Jahren (German)

BBC News, Italy (December 19, 2013)

Naples' Girolamini: The looting of a 16th Century library. By Alan Johnston (English) (December 19, 2013)

Λεηλατήθηκε βιβλιοθήκη του 16ου αιώνα (Greek)

Kristeligt Dagblad (December 20, 2013)

De stjålne bøger fra Girolamini-biblioteket (Danish)

New York Times (December 22, 2013)

Book Theft in Italy, With a Hint of Politics. By Rachel Donadio (English)

also in: The Sydney Morning Herald (December 25, 2013)

Deutschland Radio Kultur (December 22, 2013)

Kunsthistoriker Bredekamp über die spektakuläre Fälschung einer Galilei-Schrift (German)

WDR Kulturnachrichten (December 23, 2013)

Kunsthistoriker Horst Bredekamp saß Fälschung auf (German)

Internazionale (December 23, 2013)

Un tesoro di libri (Italian)

Hyperallergic (December 23, 2013)

Italian Library Ransacked by Its Own Director. By Jillian Steinhauer (English)

Elitedaters (December 27, 2013)

Skandalen om den tyvagtige biblioteksdirektør (Danish)

The American Spectator (December 27, 2013)

The Vandals within the Gates. Anyone still prize rare books and reading? (English)

Die Zeit (December 28, 2013)

Der gefälschte Mond. Erst Sensation, dann Albtraum: Der Kunsthistoriker Horst Bredekamp feierte aufgetauchte Zeichnungen als echte Werke von Galileo Galilei. Frühe Warnungen amerikanischer Wissenschaftler schlug er in den Wind. Warum nur? By Hanno Rauterberg (German)

Berliner Zeitung (December 29, 2013)

Der zu schöne Mond von Galilei. By Nikolaus Bernau (German),10809150,25747502.html

Der Stern (December 29, 2013)

Mondfinsternis über Mitte (German)

Storie dell'Arte (December 30, 2013)

“Il racconto del cielo. Capolavori dei Girolamini a Lecce” (Italian)

January 2014

Télé Matin (January 1, 2013)

Le vol de manuscrits anciens à Naples (French)

Courrier international (January 2, 2014)

La bibliothèque et les cinquante voleurs (French)

Information Today (January 8, 2014)

Getting Away With History. By Donovan Griffin (English)


Official statements by ILAB

November 29, 2013 (by ILAB President Tom Congalton)

Re: “Rare Books Vanish, with a Librarian in the Plot” (November 29).

To the Editor of the New York Times:

I take exception to the comments of the Naples prosecutor who states “The international market absorbed, without batting an eye, books that they couldn’t not have known came from the Girolamini Library”.

No catalog exists of the stolen books, and the library’s markings were removed by a professional conservator. Despite this he assumes that booksellers should be clairvoyant when confronted with the books, in the process jumping to the conclusion that there is “a sometimes corrupt market for rare books…”

The trade is remarkably efficient in recovering stolen books. Often, such thefts are discovered by booksellers who act promptly in investigating the provenance of questioned items, often to their own financial detriment. The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) and the member national organizations have been diligent in this pursuit and are active in maintaining stolen book databases and coordinating with law enforcement groups.

The prosecutor has neglected to provide lists of stolen books, despite constant requests, and he has largely ignored the forgeries which were obviously part of a sophisticated and carefully organized conspiracy, with deep roots in the Italian political system.

The prosecutor would do well to engage with those who have the expertise required to help recover the books looted from Girolami: the very antiquarian booksellers he seems so eager to stigmatize.

Tom Congalton,(President, International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB)

October 19, 2013 (by ALAI President Fabrizio Govi)

Latest news about the Girolamini Thefts (English / French) and

also on the ABA website:

June 8, 2012 (by ILAB Immediate Past President Arnoud Gerits)

Massive Thefts at the Girolamini Library in Naples (English / French)  and



Diritto Penale Contemporaneo (March 15, 2013)

Tribunale di Napoli. Ufficio del Giudice per le indagini preliminari VIII sezione  


Official statements by Zisska & Schauer

Zisska & Schauer (August 10, 2013)

Kommuniqué des Auktionshauses ZISSKA & SCHAUER vom 10.08.2013 an den Verband Deutscher Antiquare e.V., mit der Bitte um sofortige Bekanntgabe an seine Mitglieder

Press release, published on behalf of the Munich auction house ZISSKA & SCHAUER

Reblogged on vialibrarian (August 13, 2013)

Zisska & Schauer (October 15, 2013)

Kommuniqué Nr. 2 des Auktionshauses ZISSKA & SCHAUER vom 15.10.2013[tt_news]=99 and

Download 1742_file1.pdf [...] Read more