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Thefts of Collections

Published 06 Oct. 2015

Missing - Private Collection of Valuable Financial Books and Documents

A private collection of valuable, specialist financial books and documents has gone missing from a storage unit in England.  The loss was discovered by Melanie Ireland and Alexander Jones on 3 October 2013: the last time the entire collection was seen together was 5 August 2013. The police crime reference number is 4713 0080 245.

Should any of these books surface, or have perhaps already been noted as sold, please contact Melanie Ireland so that this may be referred to the police for their continued investigation.

Click below to see the list of missing books.

Reported by the ABA.

Published 02 Sept. 2015

Hebrew Books Stolen from Lincoln College Library, Oxford

Please find below a list of 23 Hebrew books stolen from Lincoln College Library, Oxford (UK). The theft was investigated by the authorities in 1990, the list compiled by Rahel Fronda, Hebrew Antiquarian Cataloguer, in September 2014, has been circulated to Interpol and the Art Loss Register.

If there is any information about these items, please contact the ILAB Security Chair or Prof. Henry Woudhuysen.
1. R. ELIJAH MIZRACHI.  Sēfer Ham-mispār. (the book of Arithmetic).
Constantinople, 1534
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 183, ca. 1532, Opp. 4o 634(2)
Not on Aleph
2. LITURGY, Jewish. Mahzōr. THIRTEEN PRINCIPLES - order of prayer, following the Mahzor of Rome. Composed by R. Moses Maimonides.
Paris, 1569
Missing 15/02/1990, (removed from binding)
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 481, Byw. Q.2.22
Aleph system no. 014411944
3. ZOHAR. Zōhar Hàdásh. (New Zohar).
Cracow, 1637
Missing 15/02/1990
Notes: not in the Bodleian Library?
Not on Aleph
Perhaps it is ?Cracow, 1603 edition at the Bodleian. Opp. 4° 774(1,2)
4. MIDRASH. Midrash on Songs of Songs and Lamentations from the Zōhar, revised by R. Moses Mordechai ben Samuel Margoliuth.
Cracow, 1683
Missing 15/02/1990
Notes: not in the Bodleian Library
Not on Aleph
An unknown edition; perhaps some of the information is inaccurate
5. JEHUDAH CALAZ. Sēfer Ham-mūsār. (Book of Ethics).
Constantinople, 1537
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 362, 1536, Opp. 4o 957
Not on Aleph
6. R. SOLOMON B. GABIROL. (ascribed to him). Sēfer Mibhar Hap-penīnīm.
Venice, 1546
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 650, 1546, Opp. 4o 880
Not on Aleph
7. JEDAJA HAPPENINI. (En Bonet Abraham). Behīnath, Hā'Ōlām. (Examination of the world treatise on ethics).
Venice, 1546
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 311, 1546, Opp. 4o 880(2)
Not on Aleph
8. KALONYMOS ben KALONYMOS. Eben Bōhan. (the touchstone and satire on the author's times).
Venice, 1546
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 311, 1546, Opp. 4o 880(3)
Not on Aleph
9. R. ISAAC ABARBANEL. Sēfer Zebah Pesah. (book of the Passover Sacrifice).
Venice, 1545
Missing 15/02/1990
Notes: not in the Bodleian Library?
Not on Aleph
Perhaps it is ?Venice, 1545 edition, by Marco Antonio Giustiniano
67 folios, 22 cm.
10. R. JOSEPH SOLOMON DELMEDIGO. Sēfer Ēlīm (the book of Ēlīm - on KebBâlen, etc.). (With fine portrait of Joseph del Medico).
Amsterdam, 1629
Missing 11/07/2014 RF
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 344, Opp. 4o 839(3); Opp. Add. 4o IV.517(3)
Aleph system no. 015758530
11. R. JOSEPH SOLOMON DELMEDIGO. Sēfer Ma'yan Gannīm. (book of the well of Gardens miscellaneous).
Amsterdam, 1629
Missing 11/07/2014 RF
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 344, Opp. 4o 839(1); Opp. Add.4o IV.517(1)
Aleph system no. 015758530
12. R. JOSEPH SOLOMON DELMEDIGO. Sēfer Ma 'yān Hāthūm. (book of the sealed well).
Amsterdam, 1629
Missing 11/07/2014 RF
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 344, Opp. 4o 839(2); Opp. Add.4o IV.517(2)
Aleph system no. 015758530
13. LITURGY. Jewish. Haggadah. Sēder Haggādāh shel Pessah, Liber Rituum Paschalium... transl. a Joanne Stephana Rittangelio.
Regiomonti, 1644
Missing 15/02/1990 (Removed from binding)
Bodleian notes: Opp. adds. 4° IV. 538
Aleph system no. 14674653
14. R. MOSES ALSHEICH. Sēfer 'Ēnē Mōsheh. (book of the eyes of Moses, comm. in Lib. Ruth).
Venice, 1606
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 461, Opp. 4o100
Not on Aleph
15. R. MOSES ALSHEICH. Sēfer Debarim Nihumim. (book of the Comfortable words (1.13) Commentary on Lamentations).
Venice, 1595
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 461, Opp. 4o 100
Not on Aleph
16. R. MOSES ALSHEICH. Sēfer Debārīm Tobīm. (book of good words).
Venice, 1596
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 461, Opp. 4o 100
Not on Aleph
17. R. MOSES ALSHEICH. Sēfer Rōb Penīnīm. (book of the abundance of pearls Commentary on Proverbs).
Venice, 1596
Missing 15/02/1990
Notes: not in the Bodleian Library?
Not on Aleph
Perhaps it is ?Venice, 1601 edition, in 4o: Cowley, p. 462, Opp. 4o 145(1)
18. TROSTIUS, Martinus. Grammatica Ebraea Generalis.
Copenhagen, 1627
Missing 15/02/1990
Not on Aleph
An unknown edition; perhaps some of the information is inaccurate
19. ISAAC (ben Abraham) UZZIEL. Sēfer Ma 'anēn Lāshōn. (book of the answers of the tongue. Hebrew Grammar).
Amsterdam, 1627
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 276, Opp. 8o 570, Opp. 8o 239(2)
Not on Aleph
20. R. JÓSÉ ben HALAFTA. (ascribed to him). Sēder 'Ōlām Rabbā, Hoc est Chronologia Habraeorum Maior cui Accessit ... Gil. Génébrard ... Versio Latina.
Basel, 1580
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 325, Opp. 8o 87(1)
Aleph system no. 19747093
[We are aware that Lincoln College Library owns a second copy of this book at shelfmark L.11.51.a].
21. SĒDER 'ŌLĀM ZŪTĀ. (Great order of the world). with Latin translation by Gil. Génébrard.
Basel, 1580
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 325, Opp. 8o 88
Not on Aleph
22. OLD TESTAMENT. Hebrew. Psalter. Sēfer Tehillīm ... containing an epilogue by Antonius Margolis, the beginning of St. Matthew in Hebrew, and one sheet of a Latin Manuscript.
Leipzig, 1533
L. 9. 39
Missing 15/02/1990
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 78, Opp. 12o 89(4), Opp. 12o 90
Not on Aleph
23. LITURGY. Jewish. Mahzōr mik-kol Hash-shānāh, 'German' rite.
Basel(?), 1599?
L. 9. 23
Missing 22/04/2014 RF
Bodleian notes: Cowley, p. 534, Basel, 1599, Opp. 8o 937
Not on Aleph

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Published 23 July 2015

List of Prints and Maps Stolen From the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Please find below a list of prints and atlases stolen from the Bibliotheque nationale de France.

Please contact the ILAB Security Chair Gonzalo Fernandes Pontes  ( or Denis Bruckmann ( for further information.

Download 2008_file1.pdf [...] Read more
Published 24 June 2015

Codex Calixtinus Manuscript Stolen From Santiago de Compostela

“A priceless 12th-century illustrated manuscript containing what has been described as Europe's first travel guide has been stolen from the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. The Codex Calixtinus, which was kept in a safe at the cathedral's archives, is thought to have been stolen by professional thieves on Sunday afternoon. Archivists did not notice its disappearance, however, until Tuesday, when the cathedral's dean was told it was missing.” (The Guardian)

Jose Maria Diaz, dean of the cathedral, called the police after carrying out a “very detailed search” with the archivist for the illuminated manuscript. He said that there was no sign of a break-in and that only three people had access to the safe. Police experts have been examining the cathedral for any evidence and reviewing the videos from five security cameras, but without success.

“Speculation about the thief/thieves includes the possibility the organized crime was involved. Because the manuscript is so well-known, it will be impossible for it to be sold on the open market. This leads to the possibility that the theft was arranged for a particular buyer. The manuscript might also be used like a type of currency, to be traded among organized crime figures, similar to expensive art.” (

“It’s like stealing the US Constitution”, a Spanish newspaper wrote. The Codex Calixtinus is one of the most precious manuscripts worldwide and belongs to the Spanish cultural heritage. It is only shown to the public on very special occasions such as the visit of Pope Benedict in Santiago de Compostela in November 2010. The Codex  was written in the 12 century for Pope Calixtus II (1119-1124). The “first pilgrim’s guide” in history contains numerous beautifully illuminated miniatures and gives advice for pilgrims following the Way of St. James to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia.

>>> The Codex Calixtinus on Youtube


Read the whole story in The Guardian

>>> Codex Calixtinus manuscript stolen from Santiago de Compostela, by Giles Tremlett 

More press articles in English, French, Spanish and German

"Es como si robaran la Constitución de Estados Unidos" - It’s like stealing the US Constitution (La Gaceta)

>>> Unanimidad en el lamento por el robo del tesoro nacional 

"Los derechos de autor de esta obra incomparable pertenecen a toda la humanidad" - The copyright of this work belongs to mankind (El Pais)

>>> Que nos lo devuelvan

"This is an irreparable loss" (The Independent)

>>> Medieval Spanish 'jewel' stolen from cathedral, by Dale Fuchs

"A major loss for Spain’s cultural and religious heritage" (Reuters)

>>> Medieval Spanish pilgrim’s guide missing from Santiago de Compostela cathedral

„A priceless 12th century illuminated manuscript” (The Olive Press)

>>> Codex Calixtinus stolen from Santiago de Compostela Cathedra

"Une valeur inestimable" (AFP / Le Télégramme)

>>> Espagne: mystérieuse disparition d'un manuscrit du Moyen-Age à Compostelle

>>> Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Le Codex Calixtinus a disparu!

"Eines der wertvollsten und ältesten Bücher Spaniens" - One of the oldest and most valuable Spanish books (Neue Züricher Zeitung)

>>> Eines der wertvollsten und ältesten Bücher Spaniens gestohlen

"The jewel of the cathedral" (The Telegraph)

>>> 12th Century Spanish guidebook disappears

Juwelstück des spanischen Kulturerbes“ - The juwel of the Spanish cultural heritage (Der Standard)

>>> Spanischer Reiseführer - Mittelalterlicher Codex Calixtinus verschwunden

„Dies ist das wichtigste Buch der Geschichte Spaniens“ - The most important book in the history of Spain (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

>>> Das Buch ist dann mal weg - Der berühmte Jakobspilger-Codex der Spanier ist spurlos verschwunden. 

"The robbery of the century" (

>>> Codex Calixtinus stolen from Santiago de Compostela

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Published 24 June 2015

Book Thefts: Classic Rare Books (London, UK)

The following books have been stolen from the shop of Classic Rare Books in London. The theft has been reported to the police (crime number 6548268/12). If you anything about the books listed below please contact:

Classic Rare Books Ltd

61 Cambridge Street
London SW1V 4PS

phone +44 (0)20 7834 5554


Holy Bible
Blomfield, Rev. E. [Editor]

In two volumes. Containing the old and new testaments, with notes, illustrations, and practical improvements, selected from the exposition of The Rev. Matthew Henry. Embellished with fifty-two steel engravings.

James S. Virtue, London, c. 1880.

Contemporary burgundy morocco with elaborate gilt surround to boards and raised bands decorated with gilt; aeg; thick 4to.

Motifs Historiques d'Architecture et de Sculpture d'Ornement
Daly, Cesar

Motifs Historiques d'Architecture et de Sculpture d'Ornement - decorations interieures empruntess a des edifices Francais. Par M Cesar Daly. Published Paris 1880.

Quarter red morocco, raised bands, gilt tooled title, teg. Folio. 17.5" high. 4" width. Two volumes complete.

Beautifully illustrated with numerous lithographs throughout. Very clean good condition.

Our Man in Havana
Greene, Graham

Published Heinemann, London, 1958.

Original blue cloth with gilt lettering (in fine condition), original dust jacket with minor tears, 8vo, interior in good condition.

First edition. A copy in good condition.

The Poetical Works
Cowper, William

The "Chandos Classics". With Memoir, Explanatory Notes, &c.

Published by Frederick Warne and Co., London, c. 1890s.

Half green calf, red morocco title label, raised bands with gilt ruling, 12mo.

Library of Agricultural & Horticultural Knowledge
Baxter, J. [Edit.]

With an appendix, containing an abridgement of the principal laws relating to farming and rural affairs.

J. Baxter, Sussex Agricultural Press, Lewes, 1832.

Contemporary quarter burgundy crushed morocco with gilt titled spine; 8vo.

Second Edition, greatly enlarged. Includes an engraved frontispiece of John Ellman."

Royal and Noble Authors
Walpole, Horatio

A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland; with lists of their works. Enlarged and continued to the present time, by Thomas Park. In five volumes.

John Scott, London, 1806.

Contemporary full tree calf with triple gilt fillet to boards and spine with delicate gilt tooling within both raised and profuse gilt banding, contrasting dark green morocco title labels; 8vo.

Illustrated with one hundred and fifty fine engraved plates.

A handsome copy in excellent condition.

Ferguson, James

Explained upon Sir Isaac Newton’s principles, and made easy to those who have not studied mathematics.
To which are added, a plain method of finding the distances of all the planets from the sun, by the transit of Venus over the sun’s disc, in the year 1761. An account of Mr Horrox’s observation of the transit of Venus in the year 1639: and, of the distances of all the planets from the sun, as deduced from observations of the transit in the year 1761.

W. Strahan [et al], London, 1770.

Full contemporary tan calf with double gilt fillets to boards, red morocco title label and raised bands; speckled edges; 8vo.

Eighteen engraved folding plates, including a map of the Earth.

Sporting Anecdotes
Egan, Pierce

Original and selected; including numerous characteristic portraits of persons in every walk of life, who have acquired notoriety from their achievement on the Turf, at the Table, and in the Diversions of the Field, with sketches of various animals of the chase: to which is added, an account of noted pedestrians, trotting-matches, cricketers, &c. The whole forming a complete delineation of the Sporting World.

Sherwood, Jones, and Co., London, 1825.

Contemporary half tan calf over marbled boards with blindstamped foliate decoration to spine within both raised and flat gilt banding and black morocco title label; 8vo.

A New Edition, considerably enlarged and improved. Includes a frontispiece, a vignette title-page and five plates of which three are hand-coloured, one folding and two portrait. There are also illustrations within the text.

A scarce book.

The Works
Shakspere, William

The Pictorial Edition. Edited by Charles Knight. Tragedies (2 vols), Histories (2 vols), Comedies (2 vols), Doubtful Plays & Biography.

Charles Knight & Co., London, c. 1843.

Contemporary burgundy calf with interesting circular gilt decoration on spines and double green morocco title labels; marble edges; 4to, 25x17.2 cms.

Illustrated throughout with fine engravings.

[Irving, Washington]

In two volumes. Or, the Whim-Whams and Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq. and others. Reprinted from the American Edition, with an introductory essay and explanatory notes by John Lambert.

J. M. Richardson, London, 1811.

Contemporary full tan calf with gilt surround to boards and spines in compartments decorated with repeating gilt diamond pattern and flat banding; 12mo in 6s, 158x105 mms.

Charles Dickens
Archer, Thomas

A Gossip about his Life, Works, and Characters. With eighteen full-page character sketches (reproduced in photogravure) by Frederick Barnard, and other illustrations by well-known artists. By Thomas Archer.

Cassell & Company, Limited: London, Paris, New York & Melbourne; c. 1885.

Original publishers cloth backed boards with stunning vignette engraving of 'Gadshill Place' on front boards and advertisement material vis-a-vie the set on back boards; Folio, 448x144 mms.","First Edition for subscribers only. Each section contains three photogravures by Frederick Barnard and sixteen text pages  depicting various Dickensian characters and stories. In addition the work is well illustrated with woodcut engravings by contemporary artists including Walmsley, W Price, Fleming etc.

Tales From Blackwood
Blackwood, William (Editor)

In eight volumes.

William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh, nd (c.1850).

Nineteenth century black crushed morocco with title laid on crimson, double and triple  fillet and blindstamped rules on spine and cover; small 8vo. (98x163mm).

First edition in book form.

The Book of Days
Chambers, R. (Editor)

A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities in connection with the Calendar including Anecdote, Biography and History, Curiosities of Literature and Oddities of Human Life and Character. In two volumes.

W. & R. Chambers, London and Edinburgh, 1869.

Contemporary half tan calf, the spine embellished with tooled gilt compartments, the titles in two compartments, one on a black morocco label, the other direct to spine, all separated by tooled raised bands, blind-stamped single rule to the boards and an oval monogram decorated with a lion and thistles onlaid to front boards; marbled endpapers, boards and edges; 4to.

First edition. Illustrated title page in red and black, numerous engravings within text.

Burke, Edmund

A Letter from the Right Honorable Edmund Burke to a Noble Lord, on the attacks made upon him and his pension, in The House of Lords, by the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Lauderdale, Early in the present Sessions of Parliament. Four works in one volume.

J. Owen, London, 1796-97.

Contemporary full sprinkled calf with single gilt fillet to boards and spine with crimson morocco title label and gilt banding; sprinkled edges; 8vo.

Wanderings by the Seine
Ritchie, Leitch

From Rouen to the source. With twenty engravings from drawings by J. M. W. Turner, Esq. R.A.

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman, London, 1835.

Contemporary full blue morocco with lavish gilt panelling to boards, spine with foliate design and title stamped direct; aeg; 8vo.

Large Paper Copy. Additional engraved title and nineteen steel engraved plates after Turner.

Provenance: With the white morocco onlay bookplate of Alexander Lawson Duncan from the library at Jordanstone, Perthshire.

A nice clean copy.

Cowley, Abraham

Cassell and Company, London, 1886.

Contemporary quarter bottle green calf, by Birdsall of Northampton, the title on red morocco within triple gilt rules above a small motif, blind-stamped double rule to the boards; marbled edges; 12mo.

Cassell's National Library edition. Title vignette.  With the stamp of Beatrice Thynne.

The Poetical Works
Armstrong, J.

With the Life of the Author.

Printed for C. Cooke, London, nd. [1800].

Full contemporary mottled brown calf, gilt medallions, ruled bands and red and black morocco title labels; 12mo.

Cooke's Pocket edition.

The Minstrel
Beattie, James

Or the Progress of Genius and Other Poems.

Printed for John Sharpe, London, 1817.

Mid-nineteenth century full straight-grained dark blue morocco, three decorative gilt panels and the title direct to spine within ruled raised bands, a wide gilt dentelle with triple rules to the boards, gilt inner dentelles and edges; aeg; 12mo.

New edition. Title and  five further engraved vignettes after Richard Westall R. A.

A History of British Birds
Bewick, Thomas

In two volumes.

Printed by Edward Walker for T. Bewick, sold by  Him, Longman and Co., 1826.

Contemporary full tan calf, four decorated gilt panels to the spine, black and red morocco title lables, raised bands, a double ruled panel to the boards; gilt edges; marbled endpapers and edges; 8vo.

The sixth edition. Wonderful engraved drawings of birds throughout.

Provenance: From the library of Elliot Grasett with his armorial bookplate.

California and Its Resources
Seyd, Ernest

A Work for the Merchant, the Capitalist and the Emigrant.

Trubner and Co., London, 1858.

Original black pebbled cloth decorated in blind and gilt with decorative gilt stamped California fifty dollar gold slug on front board; 8vo; housed in a cloth slip case.

First edition. Colour lithograph frontispiece and seven further colour illustrations; two folding lithographed maps, one of San Francisco in 1857; eight black and white engravings.

The black and white illustrations include San Francisco buildings and big trees. 168, [ads 1, [1 blank] pp. 18 plates (8 tinted lithographic), 2 folding maps."

The Holy Bible

Containing the Old and New Testaments: translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command. Appointed to be read in churches.

Printed at The Pitt Press: John William Parker, Cambridge, 1837.

Contemporary full black morocco with gilt panelling to boards and spine in compartments each decorated with a variety of stem, floral and foliate tooling within raised bands embellished with floral tools, title stamped direct; teg; large, thick 4to, 326x257 mms.

South Africa
Wells, A. W.

A Planned Tour of the Country today describing its towns, its scenic beauties, its wild and its historic places, and telling of the men who made or discovered them.

J. M. Dent, London, 1944.

Faded scarlet publisher's cloth, gilt title to spine; 8vo.

Revised edition. Illustrated with thirty two pages of coloured maps and thirty two half-tone illustrations and references.

Narrative of an Explorer
Galton, Francis

In Tropical South Africa being an Account of a Visit to Damaraland in 1851, also Vacation Tours in 1860 and 1861.

Ward, Lock and Co., London, 1891.

Original olive green publisher's boards, gilt title  and an anchor within black-ruled panels to the spine, title in black to the front board; 8vo.

Fourth edition. The Minerva Library of Famous Books. Frontispiece photograph of the author; two full page illustrations; sketches within the text; a new map and an appendix bringing up the history of Damarkland to a recent date.

Idylls of the King
Tennyson, Alfred

C. Kegan Paul and Co., London, 1878.

Contemporary full mid-brown calf college binding, blind-stamped compartments separated by raised ruled bands, black morocco title label; gilt-blocked statue to the front board and arms to the lower board both within gilt triple fillet; aeg; small 8vo. (170x115mm.)

Uniform edition.

The Description and Use of the Globes, and the Orrery
Harris, Joseph

To which is prefixed: By way of Introduction, a Brief Account of the Solar System.

Printed by Thomas Wright, London, 1734.

Contemporary full sprinkled calf with double gilt fillet to boards and spine with both high raised and double gilt ruled banding, tan morocco title label; crimson speckled edges; 8vo.

The Third Edition. With seven engraved folding plates.

A lovely, fresh copy.

The First Crossing of Greenland
Nansen, Fridtjof

Translated from the Norwegian by Hubert Majendie Gepp.

Longmans, Green, and Co., London, 1910.

Contemporary full french tree calf with gilt floral border to sides and spine in panels decorated with foliate tools within raised banding, contrasting tan and crimson morocco title labels; marbled edges; 8vo.

New Impression with numerous illustrations and map.

A fine copy, handsomely bound.

The Poetical Works
Moore, Thomas

Including his Melodies, Ballads, etc. Complete in one volume.

A. and W. Galignani, Paris, 1829.

Contemporary half navy calf over marbled boards with elaborately gilt floral spines within raised banding and green morocco title label; crimson sprinkled edges; large 8vo, 235x148 mms.

Portrait frontispiece and vignette title page.

The Beauties
Watts, Dr Isaac

Containing the most striking passages selected form the works of that justly celebrated Philosopher, Moralist, Poets, and Divine. To which is prefixed the Life of the Author.

C. Sutton, and sold by T. Hurst, Nottingham & London, c. 1790.

Contemporary full calf with spine decorated with rosette emblem between heavily ruled banding and crimson morocco title label; 6mo.

A New Edition with Additions. Engraved portrait frontispiece and engraved title page.

Provenance: From the Library at Easton Neston.

The Sportsman's Cabinet
[Taplin, William]

Or, a correct delineation of the various dogs used in the sports of the field: including the canine race in general. Consisting of a series of engravings of every distinct breed, from original paintings, taken from life. Interspersed with beautiful vignettes, engraved on wood. Illustrated by a comprehensive, historical and systematic description of the different species; with a review of the various diseases to which they are subject, and the most approved and efficacious modes of treatment and cure. To which is added, a scientific disquisition upon the distemper, canine madness, and the hydrophobia. By a veteran sportsman. In two volumes.

J. Cundee for the Proprietors, London, 1803-04.

Contemporary half tan calf over marbled boards with both flat gilt and raised banding embellished with blind tooling, titles stamped direct in two compartments; marbled edges; 4to.

First edition. Two additional engraved title pages, two frontispieces and twenty-five engraved plates. In addition there are several woodcuts vignettes by Thomas Bewick.

Provenance: With the white morocco onlay bookplate of Alexander Lawson Duncan from the library at Jordanstone, Perthshire.

A very good copy of 'This beautiful work ... contains numerous fine plates by Scott, and woodcut vignettes by Thomas Bewick, Austin, etc.' [Hugo]

The History of Pendennis
Thackeray, William Makepeace

His fortunes and misfortunes, his friends and his greatest enemy. With illustrations on steel and wood by the author.

Bradbury and Evans, London, 1849-50.

Contemporary half brown morocco over marble boards by J. Larkins with spines decorated in panels bearing central floral sprays and swirling foliate cornerpiece ornaments between raised banding embellished with split gilt rule, titles stamped direct; yellow stained edges; 8vo.

First Edition in book form. Adorned with full page plates and textural illustrations.

A Memoir
Carter, Rev. T. T.

Of John Armstrong, D.D., Late Lord Bishop of Grahamstown. With an introduction by Samuel, Lord Bishop of Oxford.

John Henry and James Parker, Oxford, 1857.

Contemporary full tan calf with decorative gilt panelling to sides and spine adorned with a variety of stem, floral and foliate ornaments with gilt panels, raised banding enhanced with gilt rule and green and crimson morocco labels; aeg; decorative gilt inner dentelles; small 8vo, 170x109 mms.

With stipple engraved portrait frontispiece.

The Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians
Catlin, George

In two volumes. Written during eight years of travelling amongst the wildest tribes of Indians in North America, 1832-39. With four hundred illustrations, carefully engraved from his original paintings and coloured after nature.

By the Author, London, 1841.

P ublishers full navy polished hessian over bevelled boards the front bearing a pictorial gilt design of two riders and their horse beneath large gilt title, spine with gilt titles; teg, rest roughcut; several quires unopened; large 8vo, 262x178 mms.

First Edition, later more desirable issue.

With four hundred illustrations on one hundred and eighty fine chromolithographic plates of which three are maps and of those one is folding.

A fine, clean copy of this important work.

Curiosities of Natural History
Bukland, Francis T.

Richard Bentley and Son, London, 1886.

Contemporary full navy prize binding with school crest in gilt to front board, spine in six compartments the second and third with dark brown morocco title labels and the remaining with central lozenge shaped emblem comprising stem, spherical and crown ornaments, scrolling stem corners; raised decorative and flat gilt banding; marble edges; 8vo.

The Popular Edition. Second Series. Engraved frontispiece."

The Life and Letters
Macaulay, Lord

By his nephew George Otto Trevelyan.

Longmans, Green, and Co., London, 1881.

Contemporary full tan calf with double gilt fillet to boards and spine in six compartments the second with blue morocco and crimson morocco label at foot the remaining compartments are lavishly gilded comprising stem and floral ornaments between raised banding enhanced with twisted gilt rule and flat banding; crimson edges; 8vo.

New Edition.

The History of Modern Europe
[Russell, William]

With an account of the decline and fall of The Roman Empire; and a view of the progress of society, from the rise of the modern Kingdoms to the peace of Paris in 1763; in a series of letters from a nobleman to his son. With a continuation, terminating at the establishment of the Austrian power in Italy, in 1821. In seven volumes.

F. C. and J. Rivington, [et al], London, 1822.

Later half brown calf over marble boards with blindstamped detail to spines between raised banding enhanced with gilding and flat blind rule, black morocco title labels; marble edges; 8vo.

A New Edition.

The Bab Ballads
Gilbert, W. S.

With which are included Songs of a Savoyard.

George Routledge and Sons, Limited, London and New York, 1898.

Later full tan calf by Riviere and Son with double gilt fillet to boards and spines lavishly gilded in compartments bearing central floral spray and ornate foliate corners, raised banding enhanced with split gilt rule and decorative flat gilt banding, maroon morocco title label; inner dentelles gilt; aeg; square 8vo, 210x153 mms.

First Edition. Photogravure frontispiece of the author and three hundred and fifty illustrations by the author.

A wonderfully illustrated work in very fine condition and bound by the renowned binder Riviere.

Short Studies on Great Subjects
Froude, James Anthony

In four volumes.

Longmans, Green, and Co., London, 1892.

Contemporary full chestnut calf prize binding with spines in six compartments the second and third with contrasting dark and lighter brown morocco title labels, the remaining with central acorn floral device and delicate foliate corners, raised banding enhanced with split gilt rule and flat banding; marble edges; 8vo.

New Edition. With half-titles, and three sides of advertisements on the verso of the half-titles of volumes one, three and four.

An attractive set.

Dante and His Circle
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

With the Italian poets preceding him (1100-1200-1300). A collection of lyrics translated in the original metres. With preface by William M. Rossetti.

Ellis and Elvey, London, 1892.

Contemporary three quarter blue crushed morocco over decorative cloth boards by Worsfold with spine in compartments bearing central flowers the petals comprised of onlay crimson morocco pieces, raised banding enhanced with gilt rule and title stamped direct; teg; decorative cloth endpapers; 8vo.

A New Edition. With half-title.

An attractive copy.

The Family Devotional Bible
Henry, The Rev. Matthew

With copious notes and reflections on each chapter of the Old and New Testament; and valuable marginal references.

The London Printing and Publishing Company, Limited, London and New York, c. 1860s.

Contemporary full plum calf with ornate vine surround in blind within gilt fillet to the sides, spine in six compartments the second with crimson morocco title label and the remaining panelled and lavishly decorated with floral tools, banding is raised enhanced with gilt rule; aeg; thick Secondo, 360x254 mms, 124 mms thick.

Eightieth Thousand. With a beautifully engraved additional vignette title page and numerous steel engraved plates including three maps.

The Poetical Works
Fenton, Elijah

With the life of the author.

C. Cooke, London 1796.

Contemporary full speckled calf with spine in compartments between raised banding enhanced with gilt, flat gilt rule and decorative gilt bands the second with crimson morocco title label and the remaining with central flower-head ornament; blue sprinkled edges; 6mo, 147x93 mms.

Cooke’s Edition. Embellished with superb engravings. With additional copper engraved vignette title, half title, frontispiece, a further plate and numerous woodcut footers.

A lovely copy, in good contemporary binding.

Elegant Extracts
[Knox, Vicesimus] [Compiler]

Thirty-six volumes bound in eighteen. Being a copious selection of instructive, moral, and entertaining passages, from the most eminent prose writers. WITH ... from the most eminent Epistolary Writers. WITH ... from the most eminent British Poets.

John Sharpe, London, c. 1820.

Contemporary full green morocco with lavish foliate gilt panel to sides and spines in five panelled compartments between both raised banding enhanced by split gilt rule and flat rule the second and fourth with titles stamped direct and the remaining with Aeolian harp emblem and foliate ornamentation; aeg; 16 mo bound in 4s, 129x88 mms.

With additional copper engraved vignette title-pages.

A beautifully bound set.

Froissart, Sir John

Of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining countries, from the latter part of the reign of Edward II. to the coronation of Henry IV. Translated from the French editions, with variations and additions from many celebrated MSS. By Thomas Johnes. To which are prefixed, a life of the author, an essay on his works, and a criticism on his history. In two volumes.

George Routledge and Sons, London, 1868.

Contemporary full crimson levant morocco, boards bear gilt engraving of a knight on horseback placed centrally and within gilt panelling enhanced by knight’s visor helmet motif corners, spines in six panelled compartments between both raised banding enhanced with gilt and double flat rule the second and third with title and volume number stamped direct and the remaining with various medieval motifs including crossed swords and the visor helmet from the boards; aeg; thick, large 8vo, 255x180 mms.

Complete with three chromolithograph title pages including one for illuminations, and seventy-two chromolithograph plates with gilt highlights taken from illuminated manuscripts, all with guards; with one hundred and sixteen woodcuts within the text.

A good copy of this classic.

The English in Ireland
Froude, James Anthony

In the eighteenth century. In three volumes.

Longmans, Green, and Co., London, 1881.

Contemporary half dark green calf over marble boards with spines in compartments between both raised gilt banding and blindstamped rule the second and fourth with contrasting crimson and black morocco title labels; teg; small 8vo.

With half titles.

Harry Lorrequer
Lever, Charles

With illustrations by Phiz. Two volumes bound in one.

Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, 1892.

Handsomely bound in modern half dark brown morocco over marble boards with spine in six compartments of which three bear title, volume number and author stamped direct in gilt between raised bands the remaining with large foliate ornament placed centrally; teg; 8vo.

With six plates of which one is the frontispiece and a further eight textural illustrations, by Hablot K. Browne (Phiz).

The Aeneid of Virgil
Conington, John

Translated into English Verse.

Longmans, Green, and Co., London, New York and Bombay, 1903.

Contemporary full tree calf prize binding with handsome gilded spine in compartments between both raised and flat bands the second with tan morocco title label; marble edges; 8vo.

Third Edition, eleventh impression.

The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire
Gibbon, Edward

In four volumes.

Gibbings and Company, Limited, London, 1895.

Contemporary full tan prize binding with gilt insignia to front boards and spines gilt in compartments between raised bands the second and third with contrasting crimson and brown morocco title labels; aeg; 8vo.

A New Edition. With half-titles.

British Sports and Sportsmen
The Sportsman [Editor]

In twelve volumes comprising: Hunting, 1 vol.; Sportsmen of the Past, 2 vols.; Modern Commerce, Transport, Motoring and Aviation, 1 vol.;  Commerce & Industry, 1 vol.; Big Game Hunting and Angling, 1 vol.; Breeding, Agriculture, Country-Life Pursuits, 1 vol.;  The Story of Shipping, 1 vol.; Polo & Coaching, 1 vol.; Yachting and Rowing, 1 vol.; Athletic Sports, Tennis, Rackets and other Ball Games, 1 vol.; Racing, 1 vol.

Sports & Sportsmen Ltd., London, c. 1900s.

Contemporary full navy morocco over bevelled boards with gilt fillet to boards and title with crest to front; spines in variant sized panels between raised bands enhanced by split gilt rule and flat rule; aeg; Folio, 390x280 mms.

Royal Edition. A Limited Edition of 250 copies of which this is No. 230. Beautifully illustrated throughout.

Provenance: Ladies Club Guildford; Surrey County Library, Guildford Reference Library with several circular stamps throughout.

La Faute de l’Abbe Mouret
Zola, Emile

Illustrations de Bieler, Conconi et Gambard. Gravure de Ch. Guillaume.

Ernest Flammarion, Paris, c. 1920s.

Quarter burgundy morocco over marbled boards with gilt spines in eighteenth century style in compartments between raised bands enhanced by split gilt rule the second with title stamped direct; 8vo.

A New Edition. Illustrated."

Sir Henry Raeburn
Sir Walter Armstrong

Half title, frontispiece, title printed in red and black with vignette portrait, plates, with tissue guards, illustrations throughout, folio.

London, William Heinemann, 1901.

Contemporary half dark blue morocco by Bumpus of Oxford, spine lettered in gilt, and separated by five raised bands, four line gilt rules to boards, marbled endpapers, t.e.g.

The Life of Wellington
Maxwell, W. H.

London, Bickers & Son, 1890.

Contemporary full tree calf, spine separated by 5 raised bands, red, and light brown morocco lettering pieces, lettered and decorated in gilt, marbled endpapers, 8vo.

Half title, portrait frontispiece, 8 plates, illustrations, School prize bookplate of Horris Hill.

Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold
Arnold, Matthew

London, Macmillan and Co., Limited 1903.

Hours of Idleness
Byron, Lord George Gordon

S. and J. Ridge, Newark, 1807.

Full blue morocco gilt by Riviere and Sons, top edge gilt, others uncut, crown 8vo (195x127 mms).

First Edition with half-title. Byron’s third book with twelve of the forty pieces appearing here for the first time.  In crown octavo size, though without the two misprints mentioned by Wise on pp. 114 and 181. Page 5 has ‘where where’ in lines 2 and 3; p. 171 is misnumbered. Watermarked 1806.

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater
De Quincey, Thomas

for Taylor and Hessey, London, 1822.

Modern brown morocco gilt by Riviere, inner dentelles, gilt edges, 12 mo (165x95 mms).

First Edition. Half-title.  Lacking L4, the final advertisement leaf.

First Edition of ‘the most famous account of drug addiction in English literature’.  [Norman 610]"

German Popular Stories
Grimm, Jakob Ludwig Carl & Carl, Wilhelm

translated from the kinder und Haus-Marchen.

C. Baldwyn, London, 1822 (vol. 1) & Joseph Robins jun., Dublin, 1823-26 (vol. 2).

Full brown morocco gilt by Zaehnsdorf, gilt edges, 12 mo (171x101 mms).

First English Edition, Second Issue.  Twenty-two etched plates by George Cruikshank including pictorial titles, plates in volume one printed in sepia, with half-titles. Volume two without final advertisement leaf.

Provenance: From the Estate of The Late Sir Partick Leigh Fermor, DSO, OBE.

Gone With the Wind
Mitchell, Margaret

Macmillan, New York, 1939.

Blue half morocco, spine gilt, 4 to (231x170 mms).

The Motion Picture Edition.

Provenance: Margaret Mitchell. With a typed LETTER SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR who sent the book to England as a gift to Major press in 1948.  Sending the book is ‘a very small way of showing my appreciation for what you and your friend, and the thousands of other Englishmen who suffered in the war, did to save the Western World’.

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Published 24 June 2015

Collection of stolen maps and atlases relating to Greece and ancient history

In November 2008, 24 atlases and 188 maps relating to Greece and Ancient History were stolen from a private collection in London.  Please click the links below to see the full lists. 

Very recently the Hornius 1660 folio of 66 maps of Amsterdam was recognised and recovered by a bookseller in Edinburgh.  Please be on the look out for other items from the collection and contact the ABA office ( if you have any information.

Download 1602_file1.pdf , 1602_file2.pdf [...] Read more
Published 12 May 2015

List of Maps Stolen From Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps, and Books

Please find attached an Excel file with a list of maps stolen from Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps, and Books, Toronto (Canada). The list contains links to the map descriptions and pictures.

Please contact the ILAB Security Chair or Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps, and Books, if you come across of one or more of these items.

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Published 23 March 2015

Thefts from the Beltrame Collection, Vicenza (Italy)

Some precious books (Kepler, Descartes, Newton...) have been stolen from the private collection of Beltrame family of Vicenza (Italy). Roberto Cena (Libreria Antiquaria Il Cartiglio of Turin), advisor of Beltrame family of Vicenza, and Filippo Rotundo (Libreria Antiquaria Philobiblon of Milan -Rome), communicate as follows:

“Some media broke the news about the theft of precious antique volumes from Beltrame's family private collection. The list of volumes appeared on the newspapers does not correspond to any of the books stolen. Therefore, we communicate right now the list of volumes in reality stolen. Please send possible reports and any informations directly to me or the ALAI Secretary who will consequently alert us:”
Roberto Cena
Libreria Antiquaria  Il Cartiglio
(Italy) 10123 Torino, Via Po 32/d


List of stolen books:


1) KEPLER, Johann (1571-1630)

Narratio de observatis a se quatuor Iovis satellitibus erronibus, quos Galilaeus Galilaeus mathematicus Florentinus iure inventionis Medicaea sidera nuncupavit. Cum adiuncta dissertatione de nuncio sidereo nuper ad mortales misso.
Florentiae, Apud Cosmum Iunctam, 1611.
Bound with: KEPLER, Johann, Dissertatio cum nuncio sidereo…,Florentiae, 1610; WODDERBONIUS, Ioannes, Quatuor problematum… Confutatio…, Patavii, 1610.     

In-4° Limp vellum binding with case
Provenance: Ex libris "Biblioteca Bardi Serzelli"

2) LAMBERT, Johann Heinrich (1728-1777)

Photometria sive de mensura et gradibus luminis colorum et umbrae. Augustae Vindelicorum, Sumptibus
Viduae Eberhardi Klett Typis Christophori Detleffsen, 1760.

In 8° Contemporary cartonnage
[16], 547, [13]; 8 tav. inc.

3) ENGEL, Johann (1463-1512)

Astrolabium planum in tabulis ascendens continens qualibet hora atque minuto. Equationes domorum celi. Horam nati in utero matris cum quodam tractatu nativitatum utili ac oranto. Nec non horas inequales per quolibet climate mundi.

[Colophon:]... Erhardi Ratdolt Augustensis... qua nuper Venecijs nunc Augusta Vindelicorum excellet nominatissimus vigesimo septimo Kalendas Novembris 1488.

In 4° Blue morocco binding signed "J. Faulkner"
c. [174, 1 b.], (4; a-e8; f-s4; t-y8; z12; A-C8; D11 [missing one of the two last white leaves] ); 40 ll.
This copy with colored drop caps and capital letters in the text rubricated.

Provenance: Unreadable stamp with the word "Vend".

4) ASELLI, Gaspare (1581-1625)

De lactibus sive lacteis venis, quarto vasorum mesaraicorum genere...
Mediolani, apud Io. Baptam [sic!] Bidellium, 1627.

In 4° Bound in nut-brown calf, covers framed by gilt border.
p. [14], 79, [9]; ritr dell'A. inc., 4 colored folded woodcut

5) VICO, Giambattista (1668-1744)

Principj di una scienza nuova intorno alla natura delle Nazioni per la quale si ritrovano i principj di un altro sistema del diritto naturale delle genti.

Napoli, Felice Mosca, 1725.

In 8° Full vellum with original bookmarks laces
p. 270, [12].


Discours de la methode pour bien conduire sa raison, & chercher la veritè dans les sciences. Plus la dioptrique. Les meteores et la geometrie.
Leida, Ian Mairie, 1637     

In-4° Original bound in brown calf, covers framed by border
78, (2), 413, (34) woodcuts in the text

7) NEWTON Isaac (autograph letter)

One leaf document
Front A: printed document, containing added handwritten names and numerical sum, in english.

Front B: handwritten text signed by Isaac Newton and Hopton Hayn, in english.  
december 24th, 1718.


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Published 27 Jan. 2015

Books stolen from the Biblioteca dei Servi di Milano (Italy)

A number of rare and valuable books, amongst them incunable and 15th century printings, have been stolen from the Biblioteca dei Servi di Milano. The attached list contains book descriptions and further information.  

If you come across of one or more of the items listed in the pdf file, please contact Fabrizio Govi, President of ALAI, or ILAB Security Chair Gonzalo Fernandez Pontes.

Download 1909_file1.pdf [...] Read more